Enter cards representing a Tripeaks game below. Enter each card as 2 characters representing the rank (A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, T, J, Q, K) and suit (C, D, H, S). For example, "TH" is the Ten of Hearts.

You don't have to know all the cards, this solver will give you as many moves as it can. Enter a "0" (a single zero) for unknown cards. You don't need to enter unknown cards before the first card you know. (However, the last 34 cards (base of peaks, stock) must be known.)

Entry is case-insensitive, and you can separate cards with any character (space, comma, etc), or use no separator.

Valid examples

These will complete quickly:

  • 7S 5D 7C 2D 0 0 3S 2H 3H 9H KC QC TD 8D 9C 7H 9D JS QS 4H 5C 5S 4C 2C QD 8C KD 3D KS JD 2S 7D KH AH 5H 9S 4S QH 6S 6D 3C JC TC 8H 6C TH AS AD 6H
  • jc, ts, 6d, 7h, qh, 3s, 5h, jh, 6h, 2d, ac, 7s, 7c, 3d, kd, 9s, 3c, th, 6c, ah, 8h, tc, 4s, 8c, ad, 3h, ks, 6s, js, 7d, jd, td, 2c, kh
  • 7c03s0qsjc00JSasTSadtcqd9s4s2h9h8sjh6c3dks5s5c6h9C2Cac8C6d5DTH8dkckd9d4c5h8hqh6s

This example will take several minutes, but will provide a solution, and should demonstrate that the page stays responsive and provides feedback on the solving progress:

  • 2D 6D AD 9S 4C 7C 7S 7D 9C 2S AC 8D 6S 6H 3C 5H QS JS 4S JH 5C AS 3H 3S AH TD 4D 5S TH 7H KS QH 6C KD 8S 2C TC JC 5D 3D 2H TS 4H JD KC KH 8H QC 8C QD 9D 9H

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